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Bolivia Failure To Appear Lawyer

From unexpected emergencies to calendar mishaps, there are various reasons why you may fail to appear in court. Regardless of the cause, the consequences of an oversight can be severe. In that case, the expertise of a skilled attorney becomes invaluable.

Sullivan Law is an award-winning law firm in North Carolina that provides strong defense and representation. Serving clients in Bolivia and Brunswick County, attorney Dustin R.T. Sullivan will strive to do what is in your best interest. If you have failed to appear in court for any reason, we can guide and represent you.

Consequences Of Failure To Appear

When you receive a traffic ticket, you should address it promptly, preferably within 20 days. A failure to appear (FTA) occurs when you miss a court date without a valid excuse, such as an illness or emergency.

Ignoring a traffic citation or failing to show up in court can escalate a minor infraction into a serious legal issue. The Division of Motor Vehicles can charge you a reinstatement fee and other consequences, including:

  • A judge-issued bench warrant, which means law enforcement officers can arrest you and bring you before the court to discuss the FTA.
  • Added fines, license suspension–regardless of the state that you are licensed in–or jail time, depending on the underlying offense’s severity.
  • A negative impact on your driving record, which can lead to higher insurance premiums and reduced credibility with future employers or during background checks.

Sometimes, mistakes do happen. Our Bolivia attorney can help you keep those mistakes from having long-term consequences on your record.

How Sullivan Law Can Help

Our attorney can file a motion with the court to recall the warrant. We can present valid reasons for your absence and provide supporting evidence.

We can also help you complete a motion to set aside the failure to appear or an Order of Dismissal. However, if you wish to maintain your innocence and go to trial, we can help you in that process.

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