A Leading, Award-Winning Law Firm In North Carolina

Providing Strong Defense And Representation

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A Leading, Award-Winning Law Firm In North Carolina

Providing Strong Defense And Representation

When You Need A Strong Criminal Defense, Choose Sullivan Law

Citizens are expected to follow the law. That being said, when the police are investigating a criminal case, officers are to do the same.

At Sullivan Law , it is our duty to police the police as part of your criminal defense. If you are facing charges of felonies or misdemeanors, Brunswick County attorney Dustin R.T. Sullivan will investigate all aspects of the evidence in your case and how it was handled. Many officers work justly; however, sometimes they make mistakes that can change the trajectory of the case in your favor.

Arrested While On Vacation In North Carolina?

If you were on vacation at the beach and are now facing drug charges, a DWI/DUI or another criminal offense, hiring a local lawyer is the first step to a strong defense.

The founder of our firm, Dustin R.T. Sullivan, has over a decade of experience in DUI and criminal law. You need the know-how of a lawyer who knows the local prosecutors and judges and the local courts to set up your case for the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

We Offer Free Consultations, Convenience And Reliable Communication With Clients

At Sullivan Law, we want to make your legal proceedings as easy on you as possible, so you can focus on your life and move forward. We give free consultations in criminal law cases. Our firm is located in Bolivia, North Carolina, and we will often meet with a client after hours or elsewhere by request if it is more convenient for you.

But above all, we pride ourselves on excellent communication with you. We never want you to be wondering about the status of your case or sitting with questions. We return phone calls and emails the day they are received.

We invite you to call Sullivan Law  at 910-250-9289 or send us an email.

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The Best Lawyer I’ve Ever Had!

Mr. Sullivan is NOT just looking to plead out and make a quick buck. He legitimately tries to find the best possible outcome that there is and drives to get it. I have had a few lawyers before and Mr. Sullivan is easily the best I have worked with.