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Sealing A Criminal Record And Erasing Your Past

A criminal charge can haunt your footsteps forever.

Even if you have avoided trouble for years following a single instance of poor judgment, that one mistake will follow you. A charge stays on your record even if it was ultimately dismissed or you were acquitted at trial.

This can create an unnecessary shadow over your reputation. Your criminal record is visible to anyone who checks, including potential employers, landlords, insurers, schools and romantic partners. An old charge on there can require you to make the same explanations over and over again. You can be left wondering if anybody will ever trust you.

At Sullivan Law, we recognize that this is unfair. It is a struggle that you do not need. We may be able to help you get a clean slate through expunction.

What Is Expunction?

Expunction, which is another term for expungement, is the act of sealing a criminal record. Once an expunction has been granted, you do not have to admit to an arrest, trial or conviction on any application – including those for employment or a professional license.

Who Is Eligible For Expunction?

The following types of records may be eligible for expunction:

  • Any record of an arrest and charges that were dismissed
  • Any record of arrest and charges of which you were found not guilty
  • Most nonviolent misdemeanor convictions after five years with a clean record
  • Most nonviolent felony convictions after 10 years with a clean record

Even if you have checked in the past about expunction, it is worthwhile to check again. As of Jan. 1, 2018, the law in North Carolina regarding expunctions has changed. It is now easier to get an expunction, reducing the required waiting time for those with convictions considerably. It is important to note that you still cannot expunge violent crimes.

Put Your Past Firmly Behind You

Please contact Sullivan Law if you are ready to leave your criminal charge in the past. When you ask us for assistance, you will always get help from a lawyer – not a paralegal. Attorney Dustin R.T. Sullivan will personally speak with you regarding your case and give you a clear understanding of what to expect. Reach us online or call our office in Bolivia, North Carolina, at 910-250-9289. We offer convenient flat fees and online payments to make our services affordable.