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Help For Out-Of-State Visitors With Drunk Driving Charges In North Carolina

It is stressful and frightening to be charged with Driving While Impaired (DWI) no matter where you are. It is a lot worse, however, when you are miles away from home. Unfortunately, it can happen very easily. All it takes is one drink too many at a bar or restaurant to find yourself under arrest.

A single mistake on your vacation should not destroy your entire life.

When you need guidance in an emergency like this, Sullivan Law, in Brunswick County, is ready to assist. Attorney Dustin R.T. Sullivan is recognized as one of North Carolina’s leading defense attorneys, and he has the experience and commitment you need to get your life back on track in a hurry.

Practical Solutions During Difficult Times

Sullivan Law is a different kind of law firm. We take a personal approach to every case and focus on your practical concerns:

  • We make sure that your phone call or email is returned the same day we receive it. You will never be left wondering what to do next or how to reach your attorney.
  • You will receive advice from an attorney right away – not a paralegal. You deserve the best representation possible from the very start of your case.
  • If you contact us within 10 days of your arrest, attorney Sullivan can begin the process to restore your license within 48 hours, so your license can be returned to you.
  • DWI cases can take months to resolve and involve numerous court appearances. As your lawyer, Dustin R.T. Sullivan, can handle these for you (except for the trial date). This minimizes the stress and expense you must bear during this time.

While your case is pending, our firm will be doing its own investigation, interviewing witnesses and looking for video evidence. We never rely on just the police report to build our case. We believe our clients deserve and are entitled to an in-depth defense.

Get The Defense You Need, When You Need It

Your case is not hopeless, even if a Breathalyzer shows that you were over the legal limit or you admitted that you were drinking to the arresting officer. Our firm has obtained many, not guilty verdicts simply because the police failed to follow proper procedures during a traffic stop.

Please call Sullivan Law today at 910-250-9289 or contact us online. Located in Bolivia, we assist clients throughout the area. Initial consultations are free, and we offer convenient payment options.