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Proactive Legal Guidance For Your Drugged Driving Charge

Much like a DWI/DUI, drugged driving charges in the Tar Heel State can come with harsh punishments and life-changing implications. If you face one of these charges, you can benefit from the guidance of experienced and strategic legal counsel to help you reduce or drop these charges.

Our attorneys at Sullivan Law understand that you have a lot on the line when facing a drugged driving charge and we are here to help you maneuver your case and the state criminal justice system.

Drugged Driving Can Carry The Risk Of Added Charges

While the penalties for drunk driving and drugged driving can be remarkably similar, drugged driving can come with a risk of additional penalties depending on the circumstances. For example, if police pull you over and accuse you of drugged driving and have probable cause that you have drugs in your possession, you could face both drugged driving and drug possession charges.

No matter the charge or combination of charges you face, we are here to help you fight them. Call us at 910-250-9289 so we can hear your story and begin working on your defense.

How Do North Carolina Police Officers Test For Drug Use?

The way authorities test for drug use is very similar to the way they test for alcohol. Typically, officers use the following methods:

  • The eye test: This is where an officer shines a light in your eyes and asks you to follow the direction of the light. They are trying to see if your eyes easily follow the light or are darting around.
  • The balance test: An officer may ask you to walk nine steps forward and nine steps back to see if you can balance yourself easily.
  • The coordination test: An officer may ask you to touch your index finger to your nose and back. This is to determine your coordination.

Other officers, depending on the circumstances, may use alternative methods to test for drug use, like watching for incoherent thinking or speaking or looking for erratic behavior. While many police forces across the country use field sobriety tests, their effectiveness for determining drug use while driving can be inconsistent.

We can help dispute the results of these field sobriety evaluations as part of your defense strategy.

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