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Charges Related To Breaking And Entering A Business Or Residence

If you have been charged with breaking and entering, this is a serious issue. Act quickly to secure legal representation. This is the best way to protect your rights and build an effective defense strategy to preserve your future.

At Sullivan Law, we work hard to be there when needed. We pledge a personal response to your phone call or email the very same day you contact us. Attorney Dustin R.T. Sullivan is recognized as one of the leading criminal defense lawyers in the state. He stands by his clients from beginning to end.

The Charges Against You And The Importance Of Intent

A breaking and entering charge means that the police believe you illegally entered a business or residence with the intention of committing an additional crime. It is often combined with a theft charge. However, if you entered a home while the residents were there, you could also end up facing other criminal charges, like home invasion.

The consequences of a conviction for these property crimes can include heavy fines, restitution for damages and prison. As a felon, you also face the loss of your civil rights, including the right to vote or own any firearms. You may also face additional scrutiny over your character for the rest of your life, which can affect your ability to even earn a living.

A defense attorney knows that numerous possible reasons are not criminal in intent for entering a strange building. They include such possibilities as:

  • You believed the building was abandoned and wanted to escape severe weather
  • You believed the building was abandoned and wanted someplace to sleep
  • You entered the wrong home by mistake, thinking it belonged to a friend or relative

An effective defense often centers on technical details and the question of intent. That requires a significant knowledge of your case’s specifics and the criminal statutes’ precise requirements. A good defense is an experienced defense.

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