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Uphold Your Liberties When Facing Violent Crimes Charges

Facing a violent crime accusation in North Carolina is nothing to take lightly. Depending on the severity of the charge, you could face significant consequences if you’re found guilty. You may feel like you’re doomed from the start. However, with the proper guidance, you can protect your rights during defense proceedings and potentially reduce or eliminate your charges.

At Sullivan Law, we’re here to help you and others across Brunswick County handle your violent crimes charges and navigate the state criminal justice system.

What Counts As A Violent Crime?

Violent crimes in North Carolina include:

  • Assault/battery
  • Aggravated assault
  • Murder
  • Rape/sexual assault
  • Robbery
  • Domestic assault
  • Kidnapping

State prosecutors are known for being harsh on people facing these criminal charges. We can help you implement a strategic defense, enabling you to tell your side of the story and make a compelling case before a judge and jury. Don’t wait; call 910-250-9289 now to start working on your case today.

What Are The Consequences Of A Violent Crimes Charge?

This can all depend on the severity of your charge, as violent crimes can be both misdemeanors and felonies. If you have a misdemeanor charge, you may have to pay a fine and spend up to 150 days in jail. For felony criminal charges, however, you could potentially:

  • Serve an extensive prison sentence
  • Lose your voting rights
  • Struggle to find a job
  • Struggle to get an apartment/find housing
  • Pay expensive fines

These are setbacks you don’t want to face. Speak with one of us today to learn how to protect your freedoms.

Work With Attorneys Who Keep You In The Loop

When dealing with a daunting and consequential criminal charge like this, the last thing you want is to sit around waiting and wondering what’s happening with your case. At Sullivan Law, you don’t have to panic about us leaving you in the dark. You can always count on speaking with a lawyer when you call us. We will notify you whenever there is a change or update in your case. We’re also transparent about your outcomes and can help you prepare for those outcomes no matter what they are.

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Our goal is to help take some of the pressure off your case. We can guide you through every step and help you make decisions that are in your best interests – and we’re always available to address any questions or concerns you have.

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