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Wrestling superstar arrested for another DUI

Jeff Hardy, a superstar wrestler with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), was arrested on DUI charges last year. He was recently arrested again in North Carolina, making it two sets of charges in two years.

When asked for comment, the WWE did not want any part of it. They simply said: "Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions."

Experts claim speeding doesn't actually help

When you break the speed limit, it's generally just because you want to get somewhere a bit sooner than you would otherwise. Maybe you left a bit late for work. Maybe you're bored with being in the car. There are plenty of reasons that people break the speed limit.

But does it really help? Not nearly as much as you think.

How should prescription drugs be handled?

Prescription drugs are the answer to many ailments, but you must ensure that you are getting them for yourself and not borrowing them from someone else. It is illegal to accept someone else's prescriptions and it is unlawful to share them with others. Only the person to whom the prescription is written should ever be in possession or use the medications.

Merely being in possession of someone else's prescription medication can lead to criminal charges, especially if the person is not with you. You should never hold someone's prescriptions for them.

Could tailgating lead to a DUI for you?

If you are like many football fans, tailgating is the highlight of the season for you. You enjoy manning the grill and meeting up with both new and old friends in the parking lot on game day. You quaff a few beers and share some laughs together before heading for home.

The problem begins when you drive after drinking alcohol. You might not even think that you are impaired. After all, you had plenty to eat and were active all afternoon. But that may not be enough to keep your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) below the .08% mandated to legally drive.

Do men get arrested more often?

Stereotyping is never wise, especially when it comes to criminal activity. It's not fair to any group. Police officers especially need to avoid it so that they do not target innocent people based on some inherent trait.

That said, statistics can tell us who tends to get arrested for crimes, and that helps to paint a picture of how the system works. According to reports, men get arrested far more often than women, coming in at 73% in the United States. That means that roughly three out of every four arrests involves a male.

When a pill addiction leads to a North Carolina arrest

North Carolina is a great state to visit for business or pleasure. But at the same time, we've had a unique experience and our share of challenges with America's pill addiction.

As a result, Sullivan Law has seen what an arrest for prescription medication can feel like for a client and we know your options, even when options seem like the one thing you don't have.

The real trouble with eyewitness accounts

Don't believe that eyewitness just because they seem sincere. They may very well be completely wrong about what they think they saw.

Does it sound outlandish? It often does to the jury. If you get accused of a crime, an eyewitness says they saw you there, and you protest that they're not telling the truth, who does the jury believe? Do they back you or do they back the person who has nothing to gain?

Should you 'waive' a traffic ticket in North Carolina?

If you are cited in North Carolina with something such as a minor speeding violation or an equipment violation, it might be a "waivable offense." What is that?

It's a minor offense. To handle it, you can "waive" your right to appear in court and challenge the ticket. Mailing in the ticket with a check for the fine, in effect, waives your opportunity to go to court. If you choose to pay the fine, you are admitting guilt and could see points placed on your driver's license and/or your automobile rates could rise.

Concerns arise over traffic citations in North Carolina county

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol has "separated" with a trooper amid an investigation into irregularities concerning traffic tickets in Harnett County.

The issue arose after a supervisor reviewed weekly citations, focusing initially on tickets written by one trooper and extending the scrutiny to another trooper. As a result, a nine-year veteran trooper has left the Highway Patrol. The other, a five-year veteran, has been put on administrative duty during the internal investigation.

Why you should hire a criminal defense lawyer

When faced with a criminal charge in Bolivia, North Carolina it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Why? There are a number of reasons, all of which help move the case towards a favorable outcome for you.

Below, you will find a list of the reasons why you should always hire a defense lawyer when faced with criminal charges.

  • An experienced lawyer knows the local and state laws
  • A lawyer understands the charges against you and can explain them explicitly
  • A lawyer knows the deadlines for filing appeals and other motions
  • A lawyer has experience dealing with the local prosecutors and judges
  • A lawyer knows what plea deals could be available to you
  • A lawyer knows how to negotiate with the prosecutor to have the charges reduced or dropped
  • A lawyer knows how to build a strong defense to the charges against you
  • A lawyer will be able to explain how you should act and speak in a courtroom
  • A lawyer can paint the picture of what happens if convicted and when sentencing occurs
  • A lawyer will be honest about your case and the possible outcomes
  • A lawyer can answer your questions and guide you in the best possible direction when faced with criminal charges

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