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Drivers may drink more on vacation

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2023 | DUI Defense |

Not everyone drinks alcohol when they go on vacation. In one study, just over 27% of people claimed they don’t drink. Another 19.6% said they would sometimes drink on vacation but would sometimes let a trip be alcohol-free.

All that being said, the majority – at 53.2% – said that they always drink when they go on vacation. It also depends on where the study was conducted. In some areas, the total was as high as 64%. Either way, it’s clear that drinking and vacations tend to go hand-in-hand for many people.

Does the type of drink matter?

Interestingly, cocktails are the most common type of drink on vacation, according to 28.8% of respondents. In fact, more people said that they drink cocktails than said that they didn’t drink at all. Another 19.8% of people said they drink beer. Shots were the lowest percentage, at just 5.2.

Does this lead to more drunk driving?

The problem with drinking on vacation is that it can lead to drunk driving allegations. Many tourists go on vacation with the intention of relaxing and having a fun time. They go to the beach, they eat at new restaurants, but they do still have to drive. Even people who fly to their location will often rent a car.

But if drinking is a major part of that vacation and something that they always do, there is certainly a very high risk that they could be pulled over after they have consumed alcoholic beverages. This can be highly complex for a tourist in a city where they may never have been before, where they could be hundreds or even thousands of miles from home. They absolutely need to know about all of the legal options they have in such a situation.