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Don’t Let An Underage DWI/DUI Affect Your Child’s Future

You love your kids more than anything. The last thing you want is to see one mistake ruin what could be a bright future ahead of them. A DUI can come with added penalties for those who are under the legal drinking age and can leave them dealing with setbacks that could uproot their futures and their goals.

At Sullivan Law, we believe your child has the right to strategic criminal defense counsel. You can count on us to protect your child’s best interests during a criminal trial.

Underage DWI/DUI Can Come With Additional Setbacks

Aside from the standard fines and jail time, DUIs can come with additional implications for those who are under the age of 21, such as:

  • Loss of college scholarships
  • Loss of student housing (if they are already in college)
  • The inability to pursue education, medical, legal, day care, government or real estate careers.

The last thing you want is for your child to miss a lifetime of opportunities because of one mistake. Sadly, these are some nonlegal consequences they can face if found guilty. Call us at 910-250-9289 so we can learn more about their situation and start on their case.

How We Can Help Defend Your Child Against These Charges

Your child may be extremely nervous or scared about engaging with the criminal justice system at their age, especially if they have no prior offenses. We take a calm and compassionate approach when working with those under the legal drinking age. A few of the things we can do to support them include:

  • Helping them understand their Miranda Rights.
  • Negotiating for a less harsh punishment, such as community service or an alcohol treatment program.
  • Walk them through every step of their case.
  • Help them make effective decisions about how to fight their charges.

Your child’s best interests are ours, and we want to see them lead bright futures. We can always address any questions or concerns and will reply within one business day.

Your Child Deserves A Fighting Chance – Reach Out Now.

A DUI for your underage child can have lasting consequences on their lives. Whether those consequences involve lost career opportunities, missed college scholarships, or even time in juvenile detention, we understand how burdensome the implications can be for your child.

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