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Answers To Your Limited Driving Privileges Questions

After receiving a DUI conviction, you may be trying to plan your life around your new driving restrictions. Like many other states, North Carolina revokes your driver’s license for up to one year after you’re found guilty of driving under the influence. However, there can be some exceptions to this rule.

If you were recently convicted, you may have questions about license revocation rules and how to navigate them effectively. These are some of the most common questions we hear from our clients and our answers to them:

Can I still drive to work and run errands on a revoked license?

There can be exceptions to driving with a revoked license. If you’re able to obtain a restricted license, you can still drive to:

  • Your job
  • The grocery store
  • Run basic errands, like buying toiletries, getting prescriptions, etc.
  • Pick up your kids from school/daycare
  • Doctor’s or other medical appointments

If you get caught driving anywhere outside of these designated destinations, however, you can face additional penalties. If you find yourself in trouble, call us at 910-250-9289.

How do I apply for a restricted license in North Carolina?

You must submit your request to the court and have a formal hearing. You will have to convince the judge why you need a restricted license. We can help you advocate for why you need a suspended license and offer you tenacious representation against prosecutors.

What happens if I’m caught driving somewhere I shouldn’t be on a restricted license?

If this happens, you could face significant fines and spend four months in jail. You could also lose your restricted license and may need help reapplying for your driver’s license.

Can I reapply for my license after revocation?

Yes, there is. Despite revoking your license, you can reapply and get a new one if you meet specific requirements set by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. The requirements are that:

  • You’ve had your license revoked for at least two years.
  • You haven’t had any drug or alcohol-related offenses in the last two years.
  • You have proof of insurance.
  • You have the standard identification necessary to apply for a driver’s license.
  • You pay a driver’s license restoration fee.

We can help you navigate the process if you want to reapply for your driver’s license. Learn more about what we can do by calling 910-250-9289.

Sullivan Law Can Address More Of Your Specific Questions

It’s normal to feel anxious and uncertain about your driving privileges after a DUI conviction. However, this knowledge gives you a better understanding of what to expect in these different scenarios.

If you have more questions about your situation, schedule a consultation with us today by visiting our contact page.