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A Leading, Award-Winning Law Firm In North Carolina

Providing Strong Defense And Representation

Get Your Driver’s License Restored

When your driver’s license is suspended or revoked, everything from grocery shopping to getting to work becomes incredibly difficult.

A DMV hearing is your chance to have your license restored. It is your right to have an attorney represent you at the hearing. Doing so can vastly increase your chances of having your license restored.

At Sullivan Law, we are committed to fully understanding the factors that led to your situation. Attorney Dustin R.T. Sullivan is one of the leading defense attorneys in the state. He has extensive experience with all manner of driving offenses, from DWIs to speeding tickets in Brunswick County and surrounding areas. He knows that each situation is unique. Every case deserves a unique investigation and strategy.

Understanding Your License Suspension

There are many reasons why your driver’s license can be suspended in North Carolina. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Refusing to take a Breathalyzer test while under suspicion of drunk driving
  • Having an officer take your license during a DWI arrest
  • Accruing 12 points or more on your license accrue during a three-year period
  • Having multiple speeding tickets or a reckless driving conviction
  • Leaving traffic tickets unpaid
  • Failing to stay current on child support obligations
  • Failing to appear in court on an unrelated issue
  • Having a false positive on your interlock device

Many people never even realize that their licenses are suspended until they are pulled over for a new violation. This can lead to additional criminal charges and unexpected consequences.

If you contact us, a lawyer can review your driving record and explain exactly why your driver’s license was suspended. Then, we can start working on the goal of moving you back into compliance, so you can have your license restored through a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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We understand that good people sometimes get into bad situations. We are ready to help put things right again. Our defense strategies are very successful. We start by contacting you the same day you reach out to us. That way, you can quickly get started in the right direction.

Please call Sullivan Law at 910-250-9289 in Bolivia, North Carolina, for a free consultation or contact us online. We offer convenient flat fees and online payments to make things easier for our clients.


The Best Lawyer I’ve Ever Had!

Mr. Sullivan is NOT just looking to plead out and make a quick buck. He legitimately tries to find the best possible outcome that there is and drives to get it. I have had a few lawyers before and Mr. Sullivan is easily the best I have worked with.