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“The best lawyer I’ve ever had” by Craig 2/6/17

Mr. Sullivan is NOT just looking to plead out and make a quick buck. He legitimately tries to find the best possible outcome that there is and drives to get it. I have had a few lawyers before and Mr. Sullivan is easily the best I have worked with.

“Great Service” by Dave 1/27/17

Very quick and professional with response. Staff was very accommodating and easy to work with. Great experience. I hope I don’t have to work with him again, but if I do need an attorney he would be first on my list.

“Can you say case dismissed” by Nicholas 1/19/17

Most professional and ethical lawyer in the state possibly even country, he is one of the most top rated lawyers that specializes in dui’s in the country as well. Dustin has taken care of all of my cases from speeding tickets, simple possessions to even dui. I believe he loves his job and will do everything in his power to keep your record clean.

“So kind and understanding, very easy to communicate with” by Desiree 1/19/17

Sullivan law has helped me with a trespassing charge and they helped my boyfriend with his dui. He is truly the most approachable, reliable lawyer I’ve ever come across, and I am always in and out of court for speeding etc. the assistant is very helpful, they return messages promptly, and you can definitely count on them to fight for your best interest. Very happy that I picked Sullivan even though I am familiar with most lawyers around this area.

“Great Lawyer, knows how to get things done” by Kathy 12/22/2016

We have used Dustin for several issues. Each time he has done exactly what he said he was going to do. He is very easy to work with. We gave him the issues we needed resolved and with little effort on our part they got done. We highly recommend him.

“Best Lawyer in Brunswick County…” by James 12/6/2016

Serval months ago I was wrongfully stopped and charged with a DWI. So I remembered hiring Dustin Sullivan a while back for my son who had an traffic citation (in which he got it dismissed) and I was so pleased in how he handled the case and treated my teenage son that it was no hesitation for me to call him and have him represent me in court the of law… So after I told him what happened he said we had a good case and we were going to take it to trial. I put all my trust in Dustin and it paid off, the case got dismissed. BEST LAWYER IN BRUNSWICK COUNTY!!!

“DWI Charges Dismissed” by Tom 10/5/16

I was issued a DWI charge 15 months ago and felt the charges were unjustly served. –Dustin Sullivan was recommended to me by my sister-in-law who works in a law firm in Wilmington, NC. Dustin reviewed my charges and the conditions surrounding my arrest and told me that there was a good possibility that the charges could be dismissed. He told me to be patient–and I was– for 15 months and finally the charge was Dismissed. Dustin is an extremely smart, hard working professional lawyer who has earned the highest respect of this client.

“Case Dismissed” by Jason 9/6/16

Mr. Sullivan and his staff were extremely helpful throughout the whole process of my trial. They were informative of any and all updates specific to the trial and made the whole ordeal manageable. I recommend their services to anyone in need.

“Speeding Ticket Resolution” by John 8/10/16

Dustin was easy to get in touch with about my case. He quickly ran me through the options which were available to me and let me choose which course of action to take. His prices were very competitive and his office is in close proximity to the courthouse which greatly simplifies things. As soon as the court case was finished I received an email letting me know that the charges had been dropped down to improper equipment and no points would be on my record. Overall it was a great experience as far as dealing with attorneys go. I would recommend his council to anyone in the area that needs a attorney.

“Misdemeanors Dismissed” by Ismael

I have had Attorney Sullivan represented me for my misdemeanor cases. He is an excellent Attorney, he has made my experience easier than I thought thru the legal process. He is always on point and always in contact with me regarding court dates and case status. I never had to show up in court. I am very pleased with his professionalism. I highly recommend Attorney Sullivan and his legal staff for any legal needs. HE IS THE BEST IN TOWN

“Extremely Helpful” by Caylee 6/2/16

I have used Mr. Sullivan previously and he did as he said he would both times. He communicates effectively and he does an exceptional job! I have recommended him to somebody and would do it again!!

“Amazing reputation for DWI” by Patrick 5/16/16

Dustin Sullivan was one of the most incredible lawyers I’ve ever hired. I was charged with a dwi back in September of 2015 and through the whole agonizing process Mr. Sullivan was always there keeping me updated and informed on the best and worst case scenarios. Ultimately, my charges were dismissed from court and I was free to go. I was 100% satisfied with his representation and would recommend him to anyone!

“Exceptional and Elite Attorney” by Sandeep P. 5/10/16

I was worried since it was my first reckless driving ticket. I consulted Mr. Dustin and he explained me every minute detail. He is a great attorney and had a hassle free business. The matter was resolved with ease.

“Awesome DWI Attorney” by Christopher 4/26/16

Dustin Sullivan is an excellent attorney. I contacted his office right after I was charged with a DWI, and talked to Dustin right away. He assured me that I had a good chance of getting my case dismissed. He was reasonably priced and took the time to explain everything that was happening. When we went to court, he was on point with everything. He got my case dismissed completely. I highly recommend him for any situation you may be facing. Thank you Dustin for all your hard work and all you did to have my case dismissed.

“Best DUI attorney in NC” by Scott 3/15/16

Dustin helped have a DUI dismissed that’s was questionable at best when the arrest was made. He is professional and set me at ease that the process would come out on my side because of his due diligence in going through the evidence in the case. He is very personable and very detailed in his approach to fight for my rights . I would recommend no other person to represent me or anyone I know in a similar case.

“One of the very best! Highly recommended!” by Doug 2/24/16

I’ve been a lawyer for over thirty years and have dealt with hundreds of lawyers in and out of courts all over the country. I can say with absolute confidence that Dustin Sullivan is one of the very best I’ve dealt with. He handled an important matter for me and got a result that was very much better than expected. A true gentleman and an exceptional lawyer.

“Would give 10 stars if able to” by Walt

So not only is Dustin an awesome lawyer but hes a real stand up guy. He took care of my ticket for an expired registration and I didn’t have to worry about the extra court cost or showing up. A++++

“Criminal Defense advice session” by Anonymous

I was very pleased w/ the experience, the attorney responded almost immediately, listened, was non-judgemental, supportive, easy to understand, and outlined my best course of action and possible contingencies, after my consultation I felt instantly better and that I had a handle on the situation, I felt I’d just spoken to a good friend, and had someone in my corner ,who told me the truth, not just what I’d wanted to hear, while being positive, I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND this service to anyone who needs legal advice! A+ from Justin Charlotte,NC… Thanks again, Rich…

“The best!” by Samantha 9/23/15

I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me out. You guys literally took care of everything and it the whole process was seamless. Thank you for your professionalism.

“Refreshing” by Diane 9/10/15

Dustin’s honest approach in handling my recent issue was refreshing to say the least. He thoroughly explained the process and left no doubt in my mind that he would represent me in uttermost integrity . I would recommend him as legal counsel in a heartbeat!

“Fantastic service” by Anonymous 9/8/15

Mr Sullivan handled my case with no problem. He represented me in court and fulfilled his promise to do his best. The charges were dismissed and his efforts were greatly appreciated at a minimal cost. He and his office workers are very professional and courteous. I will recommend him in the future to anyone needing legal help.

“The Best” by Gary H. 8/18/15

Dustin Sullivan is a hard working man that will get the job done. He has represented me in a few cases and I’ve been more than pleased with the outcome & the way he treated me as a client. He goes above and beyond to get the job done. If you’re looking for someone that is trustworthy, honest, & respected in his field, this is the guy to choose. I would recommend him to anyone.

“Best Attorney in Brunswick County” by Beth 6/26/15

Dustin worked with me after being involved in a car accident that totaled my car and damaged 2 others. He appeared in court and handled the ticket I received without my presence. Thanks to him, my insurance rates did not increase and I did not receive any points on my license. He is an upstanding citizen and fantastic person! I will recommend him to all of my friends and family!

“Very Professional and Knowledgable” by Jeff 6/20/15

Dustin Sullivan was very helpful and informative. My teenage had a very rough year making bad decisions and reacting before thinking which had led to several court dates. Mr Sullivan informed me in advance what could or could not happen, kept me informed of everything throughout the whole process(which was several court dates). I was very pleased with his performance and am happy to say that he had gotten all charges dismissed and a not guilty on another charge. My wife and I are both grateful and very pleased with all outcomes. I highly recommend his services as I am confident he would be able to help. Thanks again Dustin.

“Very easy to work with” by Kathy 5/27/15

Mr. Sullivan and his staff were very easy to work with. Very quick to respond when I called on them and very punctual and thorough in their communication (both via the phone and in email). I would definitely recommend this attorney. Thank you!!

“A+ from start to finish” by Toni 3/23/15

In the early part of 2015 I called Mr. Sullivan in response to an advertisement that I received in the mail within days after receiving a traffic violation in Brunswick County. Since I don’t live in Brunswick County, I wanted to hire a local attorney that would be familiar with the court system in that area. I called Mr. Sullivan and he answered his cell phone without hesitation….no voice-mail, no secretary to leave a message with….he was the person that answered the call the very first time I rang his phone. He was most helpful, compassionate and empathetic to my situation. After explaining the details, he told me what needed to be done prior to the court date. After sending the documentation, Mr. Sullivan handled the traffic violation and emailed the court documents with the paid receipt and court details. Mr. Sullivan is very professional and I would highly recommend him to represent you for your next court appearance. I would also like to mention that his secretary Diana is wonderful as well….she answers emails and sends information via fax or email quickly. Overall, I had a very positive experience and would hire Mr. Sullivan again if necessary.

“Extraordinary Attorney!” by Lisa 3/3/15

Over the past few years I have hired Dustin Sullivan several times for different criminal charges, each time he has been very proficient, fair and honest, resulting in success… His law firm also has an amazing paralegal who is very helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend him to any and all in need of representation

“DWI” by Tracy 12/17/14

My daughter was pulled over without cause and issued a DWI when she blew a .03 at the scene. Dustin assured us from the very start that he would get the charges dismissed, and he did. Dustin worked out a payment plan that we could afford and kept us informed at every step. I hope we never need legal representation again, but if we do I will definitely call Dustin.

“SUPER LAWYER!!!” Working with Dustin Sullivan has been a great experience. His professionalism and his attention to detail I believe ultimately got my DUI case dismissed. He walked me though every aspect of this process and always took the time to answer any questions I had. I would suggest and recommend his expertise in the court room to represent any case you may be involved in. I’m 100% satisfied and give him my stamp of approval!! He’s the top DUI attorney in Brunswick County…in my opinion!!

“Dustin Sullivan: pro material” by James 12/15/14

Dustin Sullivan made the stressful time of being wrongfully accused of a crime very stress free. He is very understanding and very professional. Always called me back when asked. He also probably explained to me the same thing more than once but kept his patience and answered all questions honestly and professionally. I would recommend him to anyone. This lawyer is topnotch and cuts no corners. Thanks Dustin Sullivan!!

“Excellent” by Rick 11/26/14

Dustin is an amazing lawyer. He handled my case, in which I had multiple charges, and got all of them dismissed in a single court date, without me even having to make an appearance in court. He was friendly and very helpful, and also kept in touch with me very well. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer in this area

“AWESOME!!!” by Gary 11/13/14

Dustin Sullivan helped me on my DUI case. He walked through step by step always made me feel comfortable and was very professional. Always kept me informed and reassured me time and time again to trust him and let him handle it his way . He is the best lawyer I have ever used.I will never forget what him and his team done for me and yes my case was dismissed.