How Do I Get My License Back?

If you have been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence, your license has been immediately suspended for 30 days, making it difficult for you to get to work and continue to support yourself or your family. As you worry about all of the details of your case, top of mind is probably, "How do I get my license back?"

What many individuals in this situation do not realize is the law in North Carolina allows you to get your license back after 10 days through a civil revocation hearing. However, you must request this within 10 days of the offense.

That's why it is absolutely important for you to contact our firm, Sullivan Law PLLC. If you wait, you will have no choice but a 30-day suspension.

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There are many different avenues we can pursue to help you replace your suspended license. Our firm can help you understand your legal options to obtain a paper license that will give you limited driving privileges while your case is pending. Our goal for you is that you can continue on with your work, earning income and live your life.

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