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A DWI will ruin your spring break vacation

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | DUI Defense |

If you visit the Bolivia area during the spring break, you need to make sure you do not take home an unwelcome souvenir.

Police forces across the country implement extra checkpoints on holiday periods in the hope of catching people who are driving while intoxicated (DWI). They know that spring break makes it more likely as people relax into the holiday spirit.

Alcohol takes time to clear from your bloodstream

Time away with family and friends often means you eat out at a local restaurant. You may enjoy a drink with your meal. If you drive back to your accommodation, you could be stopped by police and asked to blow into a Breathalyzer. Even if you only had one glass of alcohol with your meal, you could still have enough alcohol in your blood from the night before to read over the limit.

DWI means an automatic license suspension

A DWI will mean your driving license is suspended for 30 days. This could complicate getting home. It will make everyday tasks more challenging when you arrive home. You may rely on your car to get to work and run the kids around. However, there is a way to recover your license sooner.

A civil revocation hearing can help you recover your license

You need to request a civil revocation heåaring straightaway. You have a maximum of 10 days to do so. If successful, the authorities will return your license after 10 days instead of 30.

Dealing with a DWI charge can be challenging enough in your own town, let alone another state. You need locally based representation to sort things out on your behalf. Remember, these offenses can have severe consequences far worse than a 30-day license suspension.