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Could tailgating lead to a DUI for you?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | DUI Defense |

If you are like many football fans, tailgating is the highlight of the season for you. You enjoy manning the grill and meeting up with both new and old friends in the parking lot on game day. You quaff a few beers and share some laughs together before heading for home.

The problem begins when you drive after drinking alcohol. You might not even think that you are impaired. After all, you had plenty to eat and were active all afternoon. But that may not be enough to keep your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) below the .08% mandated to legally drive.

Researchers studying the drinking behaviors of college students noted that those who tailgated and engaged in “pre-gaming,” i.e., consuming alcohol before social events, tended to consume more alcohol and suffer more associated harms as a result than their friends who did not indulge.

This does not mean that you have to swear off of tailgating this football season. Instead, stick to predetermined limits of alcohol consumption and arrange for a sober ride home. You can have a nondrinking friend drive you home, order an Uber or Lyft or simply hang out until you have sobered up enough to drive home. Keep in mind that it takes roughly one hour for your body to process the alcohol in a single can of beer or shot of liquor.

A drunk driving charge can derail your orderly life and place your job in jeopardy in many cases. If you wind up facing drunk driving charges, it is wise to begin assembling a strategic defense to the charges as soon as is possible.