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Some defenses focus on minimizing the penalties you’ll face

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

We recently discussed how many factors can impact the sentence you face when you are convicted of a crime. One of the ways that you might be able to minimize the penalties you have to live with is through your defense. There are times when we know that a conviction is likely. Instead of focusing only on showing that you aren’t guilty in these cases, we can focus on trying to minimize your sentence.

When we work with you on your defense, we will look at all the factors in the case that might impact the outcome. Once we do this and discuss them with you, we can work on finding the options for your defense that might be possible. You can then decide on a strategy that you want to use based on how each one might impact you.

In some cases, we need to work on a plan for going to trial. This can be an intensive process because we have to try to determine how jurors might perceive the points we plan on making. The alternative to this is to attempt to work out a plea deal that would allow you to avoid having to go through a trial.

A plea deal is preferable for some defendants because they can have an idea of what the sentence will be ahead of time. By negotiating with the prosecution, we can try to get you the best deal possible. Of course, in exchange for this, you will have to plead no contest or guilty to specific charges. We can help you to look into this possibility.