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License at risk: The impact of a DUI on a healthcare career

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2024 | DUI Defense |

Drunk driving is a serious offense in North Carolina. If convicted, a DUI or DWI can result in financial penalties and a driver’s license suspension as well as potential prison time.

For some professionals, the license to drive is not the only one at risk. In addition to criminal penalties, a conviction can also have a negative impact on a doctor’s or nurse’s professional license.

How could a DUI or DWI impact my professional license?

Negative impacts to your medical or nursing license can include:

  • Suspension: A drunk driving conviction can lead to the suspension of the professional license. The North Carolina Medical Board may temporarily revoke the ability to practice medicine or nursing. Such actions are not uncommon and the potential for this action should be taken seriously.
  • Professional reputation: A conviction tarnishes the reputation of healthcare providers. Patients, colleagues, and employers may lose trust in the professional’s judgment and reliability.
  • Employment consequences: Employers take drunk driving convictions seriously. Those with a drunk driving conviction could face termination, especially if the job involves patient care.

The state licensing board generally requires healthcare professionals report criminal convictions. Failing to report can lead to additional disciplinary actions.

What should I do if I am accused of drunk driving?

It is important to note that accusations are just that — accusations. They are not a conviction. You can fight back. Defenses are available to these accusations and can include a review of the reason for the stop and accuracy of tests conducted to determine intoxication.

A drunk driving conviction can significantly affect your professional life. Seek legal advice to see which defenses are appropriate for your case and address the charges. This is the first step towards protecting both your license and reputation.