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3 reasons to fight a traffic ticket

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Traffic Tickets |

Traffic offenses like speeding, driving without valid registration, running a red light/stop sign, failing to yield, tailgating and so on can earn you a traffic ticket. The North Carolina Judicial Branch provides adequate information on what to do next to those who receive a traffic violation. 

But should you pay off your ticket and move on with life or fight it? Here are three reasons to fight a traffic ticket:

Protect your driving record

Paying off a traffic ticket is admitting guilt. Thus, the violation will go into your driving record. This can affect your life in different ways. For example, you may miss out on an employment opportunity that involves driving. 

Avoid points

When you are convicted of a traffic violation, points will be placed against your driving record. The number of points differs depending on the offense. For instance, aggressive driving gives five points, following too closely – four, failing to yield – four and running through a red light- three. And the points are higher for those operating commercial motor vehicles.

These points can accumulate quickly on your record if you don’t fight tickets, and in turn you may face other consequences. For example, if you get seven points, the state may assign you to a driver improvement clinic, for which you will pay fees. Further, accumulating 12 points within three years may lead to license suspension.

Avoid high insurance rates

Insurance companies also have point systems that they use to determine policy rates. When you are convicted of a traffic offense, they will award you points accordingly and increase your insurance rates. Accumulating more points may worsen matters.

If you receive a traffic ticket, consider fighting it to avoid points and high insurance premiums and protect your driving record. It will help to get legal guidance to make the right moves.