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Too many tickets can cost you your license

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Traffic Tickets |

A small number of North Carolina traffic infractions, like drunk driving, are so serious that people end up arrested after an officer accuses them of breaking the law. Most other traffic infractions result in a citation or ticket.

Drivers have the option of either paying the ticket or attending traffic court to defend themselves against claims that they broke the law. Although many people choose to pay their traffic tickets right away, they may not realize that they put themselves at risk by doing so. After all, they have effectively entered a guilty plea to the claim that they violated traffic laws.

If you have too many tickets on your record, the state might suspend your driver’s license. Avoiding the loss of your license is a common reason to defend against a traffic ticket.

How many tickets are too many?

You can lose your license when you accrue 12 points within three years or eight points within three years of getting your license back after a previous suspension. Speeding usually leads to two points, while causing a crash will lead to three. Traveling at more than 10 miles per hour over the limit could mean three points, as could driving without insurance. Illegal passing, following too close and driving on the wrong side of the road could all add four points to your license.

In other words, you may only need to pay two or three tickets, depending on your driving history, to end up losing your license. When you recognize that even relatively minor traffic infractions could cost you your driving privileges, you may understand why defending against traffic tickets can be a smart choice.