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Why running from the police isn’t worth it

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

There are few people who don’t get nervous when addressed by the police, particularly if it is clear that they are under suspicion of a criminal offense. Human reactions vary from person to person. Some may choose to cooperate in full. Others might get angry and defensive, and in many cases, people will try to run away.

Running from the police won’t help you in any circumstances, and here’s why. 

You’re placing yourself in physical danger 

If your sole focus is on getting away from law enforcement, you’re less likely to be concentrating on other hazards around you. If you run across the street, you could be struck by a car that you’ve failed to notice. Even if you simply fall over, you could suffer serious injuries. 

Running away may also confirm the initial suspicions of law enforcement, even if they are actually mistaken. They might be more likely to use force to stop you, which could ultimately result in serious harm for you.  

You may face separate charges 

Even if you’re innocent of the crime in question, and you are found innocent in court, running away from the police may be charged as a separate offense altogether. If you attempt to obstruct an officer in the course of their duty, you could be charged with resisting arrest

While being approached by police officers can be a daunting experience, you will get to have your say in court eventually. Running away won’t help you. Once you have experienced guidance behind you, you can start to build a defense strategy that helps set the record straight.