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Why might law enforcement pull you over? 

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Traffic Tickets |

Traffic violations are a top priority for law enforcement in North Carolina. While police officers have a job to do, they cannot arbitrarily pick on members of the public or discriminate in any way. 

For a traffic stop to be justified, there must be reasonable suspicion that an offense has occurred. For further investigations, such as vehicle searches, there has to be probable cause. 

What are some of the main reasons why law enforcement may decide to pull you over

Straying into other lanes 

Driving requires a lot of focus and it’s easy to become distracted momentarily. If something catches your attention, you may drift into the other lane for a second. If law enforcement has seen this, it could result in them pulling you over and probing for further information. 

The condition of your vehicle 

It’s vital that your vehicle remains roadworthy at all times. If you have an older model, then you’ll need to get it checked over at your local dealership more often. Malfunctions can also occur in newer models. If it’s dark and you have a missing headlight or signal, then the police may want to speak to you. 

Your speed 

Sometimes, the speed limits on particular roads are not very clear. Perhaps you’re confused about the limit in a certain area and have strayed over the legal limit. Officers may decide to pull you over and find out why you were traveling so fast. 

While there are rules on the road, law enforcement must adhere to the law as well. They can’t lodge false charges against you or conduct unlawful investigations. If you’re currently battling traffic charges, make sure you’re fully aware of your legal rights.