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North Carolina’s drug court for chemically dependent offenders

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Drug dependence is a devastating condition affecting far too many Bolivia, North Carolina families. When you are addicted to drugs, the need for more can cause you to behave in ways that were out of the question before your dependence.

For example, many addicts commit petty theft to fund their addiction. They get arrested and perhaps sent to jail, but when they emerge after serving their sentence, they are usually still addicted, even if only psychologically.

How can drug courts help addicts recover and live crime-free?

These courts, which are available in many North Carolina districts, work with professionals to provide intensive treatment for non-violent offenders suffering from drug dependence. Some of the goals of drug court include:

  • Reduce drug and alcohol dependence for offenders
  • Reduce habitual relapses into criminal activities (recidivism)
  • Decrease courtroom procedures involving those addicted to drugs
  • Increase offender familial, personal and societal accountability

Judges and other authority figures are finally understanding that many crimes occur because of underlying problems like drug and alcohol dependency. They realize that getting treatment is likely the best way to prevent relapses for habitual offenders.

Eligibility requirements

Not everyone is eligible for a drug court referral. You must meet the requirements below before acceptance into a drug court program:

  • Receive a diagnosis of chemical dependency
  • Receive a diagnosis of borderline chemical dependency
  • Undergo an assessment determining your legal eligibility on the Structured Sentencing Grid
  • Qualify for only intermediate punishment for any pending offenses

If you have been arrested for a crime and are dependent on drugs, your criminal defense advocate may be able to help you apply for drug court. To help you understand your options after an arrest, consider learning as much as possible about criminal defense for drug charges as well as drug court eligibility.