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Legal counsel ensures North Carolina expunctions proceed smoothly

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What does expunction mean according to North Carolina law? It is the legal process of removing criminal charges or convictions from your record. A successful expunction also means that the state will destroy or seal any records associated with criminal charges or convictions. In other words, it is a second chance to make your life better.

Getting a chance to change the entire direction of your life is not something that occurs every day. Many criminal offenses do not qualify for expunction in North Carolina. However, a great many charges and convictions do qualify.

How can a legal advocate help with expunctions?

One of the most valuable advantages of representation during your expunction efforts is knowledge. Experienced advocates know the state’s expunction laws, and they know how to make the process as easy as possible.

For example, many people spend a lot of time seeking to expunge their records only to discover that their offense does not qualify. With assistance, you can find out if your offense is eligible for expunction before wasting your time.   

You must also know how to identify the proper form to use when petitioning for expunction. Using the wrong document may significantly delay your efforts or result in a denial. Legal guidance ensures you select the correct form to complete.

Successful expunctions require you to include specific details in your petition. Examples include docket numbers, dispositions, court information, and the correct statute you allegedly violated. Failure to include these details means an automatic denial of your petition. We encourage you to continue reviewing our criminal defense web pages to learn more about erasing your record in Bolivia and nearby communities.