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How will a criminal record affect your chance of employment?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

If the police accuse you of a crime, it could have a damaging effect on your ability to work. If you are kept in jail until a judge can hear your case, you will not be able to work.  If you are convicted and sentenced to time behind bars, you will lose more earning time. All the while, you will have bills mounting up and a family struggling to survive without your income.

When you finally get out of prison and search for work, you may find it harder than you think. Many companies do not want someone with a criminal record. You may be refused a professional license. Around a third of Americans have a criminal record, so there are a lot of people at a disadvantage when applying for jobs. 

Employers do not view all criminal convictions equally

A survey of HR professionals sought to determine how likely they were to reject a job application from someone convicted for a specific type of offense. Here are the results:

  • Sexual felony: 91%
  • Financial crime: 84%
  • Violent felony: 80%
  • Property related felony: 66%
  • Misdemeanor: 30%
  • Substance-related felony: 22%

Most employers carry out background checks when recruiting, and a criminal record could show up in these checks for the rest of your life. Competition for good jobs is fierce, and if a criminal record does not disqualify you immediately, it may severely hinder your chances of success. 

When you’re charged with a crime, fight for your future

Successfully fighting a criminal charge is essential to preserve your freedom, your good name and your reputation. It will also give you a considerable advantage over one-third of the population when applying for a job. Make sure you consider all defense options when facing criminal charges