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Make sure to explore all possible defenses against drug possession charges

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Some individuals who are facing drug charge believe there is nothing they can do to avoid conviction. Perhaps it is because they have seen their friends or family members convicted on similar charges. On the other hand, maybe they are unfamiliar with all the defense options at their disposal.

If you give up or lose all hope, you may never find a proper legal remedy. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you explore your defense options.

What defenses can be used against drug possession charges?

As with most legal matters, finding the right defense depends upon your unique situation. Below you are three examples of effective defense options.

  • The drugs the authorities found did not belong to you.
  • The police violated your rights during the search and/or arrest.
  • The drug evidence collected is missing or compromised.

Although the defenses above seem too simple to many defendants, they can succeed when an experienced attorney takes charge of your case. Skilled lawyers know how to use the details surrounding your arrest on your behalf.

For example, a thorough criminal defense attorney can demand that prosecutors prove that the drugs did not belong to another person at the scene. A lawyer who is committed to your defense will make sure all evidence collected in your case is valid and present when the time comes to argue your case before a North Carolina court.

Before you give up, review more of our website and our blog. You will learn how a good defense may help you avoid the worst outcome in your drug possession case.