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What are the consequences for speeding in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Traffic Tickets |

When a police officer writes a traffic ticket for a motorist here in Bolivia, one of the first things that a driver generally complains about is the sheer cost that they’re expected to pay for having violated the law. Motorists should consider many of the other costly implications associated with receiving a ticket here in North Carolina, though.

North Carolina offers some of the lowest automobile insurance rates in the country. However, the cost for coverage can increase significantly if you receive a ticket for a traffic infraction.

Current laws that exist on the books allow any motorist who is stopped for driving 15 miles or more over the speed limit to receive a speeding ticket. The cost associated with a motorist violating the law may be more than $200 for driving just 15 miles per hour (MPH) over the speed limit. Motorists generally get at least two points on their licenses as well.

The information about where the incident occurred and other details surrounding the violation are then entered into a North Carolina Department of Insurance database. That state agency then allocates a certain amount of points to your stop. They then notify your insurance company of how many points you’ve accumulated. Your insurer assigns a monetary value to each point.

It is possible for some motorists who have been convicted of speeding offenses in North Carolina to submit a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC). One person per residence can qualify for this once every three years. If they do, then this has the potential to eliminate the insurance increase.

There are pros and cons associated with applying the PJC. A traffic ticket attorney can guide you in deciding what the best approach is in your case after learning about the nature of your offense.