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How should prescription drugs be handled?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2019 | Firm News |

Prescription drugs are the answer to many ailments, but you must ensure that you are getting them for yourself and not borrowing them from someone else. It is illegal to accept someone else’s prescriptions and it is unlawful to share them with others. Only the person to whom the prescription is written should ever be in possession or use the medications.

Merely being in possession of someone else’s prescription medication can lead to criminal charges, especially if the person is not with you. You should never hold someone’s prescriptions for them.

How should prescriptions be handled?

It is also illegal to carry prescriptions outside of their original container, which must include the patient label. Don’t just stick a couple of pills in your pocket and head out the door because you might face charges. Always keep the medications in their original bottles from the pharmacy.

If you have someone else’s medications in your possession, law enforcement officials may think that you received or planned on selling the drugs. There is no good reason to have another person’s medications if the individual is not with you.

What about prescriptions on planes?

One instance that gets a bit complex when you are on prescriptions is flying. There are strict limits to what is allowed on planes. Pills don’t require any specific notifications if you bring them in carry-on or checked luggage. You do need to tell security agents if you have liquid medications in your carry-on bags. These aren’t limited in quantity, but you should only have what is needed for the flight. You may need to have the pharmacy package your liquids in smaller containers so you can have what you need on the plane and check the rest in your other luggage. Under no circumstances should you try to bring prescriptions on the flight for a person who isn’t traveling with you.

If a police officer accuses you of having illegal drugs of any type, including prescriptions, remember that you have rights. Any violations might play a part in your defense if they levy charges. Many factors come into the picture when prosecutors are deciding what to do. Some types of drugs, such as controlled substances, will come with harsher penalties than certain other medications. Your defense should focus on the circumstances of the case and answer the prosecution’s claims against you.