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Your defense strategy must be customized to the case at hand

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Your criminal defense strategy can make or break your case. You need to think carefully about how different options might be perceived. There are many questions that you need to consider when you are doing this. One of these is how your strategy might be interpreted by the jury if you plan on taking your case to a jury trial. You might have to adjust the defense you present so that it will be well-received by the jury.

Another element to consider is whether you can poke holes in the prosecutor’s claims. This is often a primary consideration because the burden to prove that you committed a crime is on the prosecutor. If you can make the jurors doubt those allegations to the point where they have reasonable doubts, you have done what you need to do for your defense.

It might also be possible to cite civil rights violations in the police or prosecution’s handling of your case. This can be quite challenging, however. You need to carefully consider this option and weigh the perception of the facts to see whether your version of events is credible. We can work with you to determine if this type of claim is possible in your case.

We know that you might be concerned with the pendency of your case. We can help you evaluate your criminal defense strategy options so that you can make an informed decision about the direction in which it is headed. At all times, you need to consider how your defense strategies can affect your future. At some point you may decide that approaching the court with a plea bargain offer could be in your best interest.