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Decide the goal of your defense early in the case

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

When you are facing criminal charges, you have to think about the entire situation before you make any decisions on what you are going to do. One thing that some people don’t think about is how a conviction might affect them in the coming years. Some of these, such as felonies, can have an impact on your life until the day you pass away. We know that this is hard to accept, but you should look at things for how they are so that you can use this information as you make decisions about your case.

For some people, the goal of their defense isn’t to be found not guilty. They admit that they did do the crime. Instead, they want to minimize the penalties they have to face for it. In these cases, it is easy to focus on the short term since this is what is going to impact them now.

It is always best to think carefully about your goals and then look at the options to see how you can achieve those. Considering every choice’s pros and cons is a good start. You might find that options that help you the most now harm you the most later. You have to weight all of this before you make a decision.

We realize that you might have a lot to think about right now. We want you to be prepared for what is coming so that you can make the decisions about your defense strategy that you feel are best for your circumstances. We are here to work with you on those goals.