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Ending a holiday party arrested for drunk driving stops the fun

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | DUI Defense |

Throughout this holiday season, adults must remember that they are free to make choices, but they aren’t free to choose their consequences for those. One area that is very important to keep this in mind is when you head out to parties for Christmas and New Year’s Day. If you plan to consume alcohol, take the time to find a reliable way home. Even though this might not be too fun, it can help to save you time in jail and criminal court costs, as well as other expenses.

We know that you might just want to go out with your friends and have a few drinks to celebrate the end of the year and the start of a new one. Just remember that nothing is going to ruin your fun more than seeing the flashing lights of a police vehicle in your rearview when you know you’ve had alcohol.

Drunk driving charges in North Carolina have serious penalties. You face the loss of your driver’s license, time in jail, fines and other penalties. Some defendants also have their career impacted because they need a clean driving record to continue to hold their job. Think about all of these before you start the ignition of a vehicle after you’ve had a few drinks.

Of course, there are times when accidents happen. We realize that you didn’t plan to have to drive home drunk. If you are in a position where you need to fight a drunk driving charge, we can help you explore your options. Once you have a strategy set, we will help you address the charges.