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A DWI accusation could keep you from driving

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | DUI Defense |

Being accused of DWI here in North Carolina could lead to a person losing many things. This includes his or her main way of getting around. Driving could be taken off the table as a transportation option.

For one, there is an immediate license consequence for drivers who are pulled over and arrested for DWI and test above the legal limit here in North Carolina. Specifically, this triggers a 30-day administrative suspension of one’s drivers license. Now, drivers can have options in the face of such a suspension. This can include options related to pursuing a limited driving privilege for part of the suspension period.

An additional, and longer, loss of license occurs if a person is convicted of the DWI charges brought against them. Under state law, such a conviction triggers a license revocation. The length of the revocation is one year for a first offense. There can be an even longer revocation for repeat offenses. Pursuing a limited driving privilege can also be a possibility for such revocations.

In some cases, a DWI accusation could not only lead to a loss of license, but also a loss of one’s vehicle. If a person is charged with DWI and accused of committing the offense while subject to a DWI-related license revocation, his or her vehicle could be seized. Also, his or her vehicle will generally be forfeited if he or she is convicted on such accusations.

For many, driving is a huge part of their lives. So, losing the ability to drive can be devastating. Given this, when one is accused of DWI, understanding what options one has for protecting this ability in the face of the accusations can be critical.