Find Out Whether Your Traffic Ticket Could Be Reduced Or Dismissed

Many people are inclined to simply plead guilty and pay off a traffic ticket for speeding, careless driving or reckless driving and other violations simply to move on and forget about the problem.

However, they are making a mistake. Doing so will often lead to further stress, costs and complications down the road.

Take a look at just a few of the reasons to talk to an attorney at Sullivan Law PLLC:

  • You could save money on future insurance costs, which could go up as much as 40 percent if you have traffic violations on your record.
  • Our fees offer you a valuable return on investment.
  • You will have peace of mind with guidance from award-winning lawyers.

Local Representation For Vacationers

If you traveled to North Carolina for a beach vacation and got ticketed, it is best to have an attorney who knows the local courts to defend you in court.

We will investigate all of your legal options and in many situations, you can have your case resolved without making an appearance. You won't have to interrupt your busy schedule and you can rest assured you did everything possible for your defense.

Traffic Tickets

Contact Our Firm Today To Schedule A Free Consultation

Free consultations are available for traffic violations, as well drunk or drugged driving charges. We invite you to call Sullivan Law in Bolivia at 910-250-9289 or send us an email. By request, we can accommodate after-hours and weekend appointments.

For your convenience, we have flat fees available, as well as online credit card pay.