A Leading, Award-Winning Law Firm In North Carolina

Providing Strong Defense And Representation

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A Leading, Award-Winning Law Firm In North Carolina

Providing Strong Defense And Representation

How Strong Criminal And DUI Defense Is Really Done

With over a decade of experience in criminal defense and DUI/DWI law, Dustin R.T. Sullivan founded the firm compelled to provide individuals charged with crimes or impaired driving with a strong defense.

We believe in holding police officers accountable for not doing their job correctly in the interest of justice.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

DWI/DUI Defense

Traffic Tickets

DMV Hearings


Getting Down To The Facts

While many DUI/DWI lawyers tell their clients to take the first plea deal offered without spending time studying the actual facts of the case, Brunswick County attorney Dustin R.T. Sullivan believes you deserve the due diligence of an investigation. And this approach has resulted in successful reduced or dismissed charges and traffic tickets for many people we represented.

What Our Clients Say

The Best Lawyer I’ve Ever Had!

Mr. Sullivan is NOT just looking to plead out and make a quick buck. He legitimately tries to find the best possible outcome that there is and drives to get it. I have had a few lawyers before and Mr. Sullivan is easily the best I have worked with.


Great Service!

Very quick and professional with response. Staff was very accommodating and easy to work with. Great experience. I hope I don’t have to work with him again, but if I do need an attorney he would be first on my list.


Can You Say Case Dismissed?

Most professional and ethical lawyer in the state possibly even country, he is one of the most top-rated lawyers that specializes in DUI’s in the country as well. Dustin has taken care of all of my cases from speeding tickets, simple possessions to even DUI. I believe he loves his job and will do everything in his power to keep your record clean.


Charged With A DWI On Vacation?